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Dosing Guns
Range of Dosing Guns Sheep Drench Gun (20ml) Hook Dosing Gun (30ml, 60ml, 70ml) Allows you to d..
Dioweed 50
Grassland herbicide for broad-leafed weed control in established grassland. Controls ragwort (a..
DELTAMETRIN 10mg POUR ON SOLUTION FOR CATTLE AND SHEEP. Pour on solution to be applied between the ..
Dairy Socks
Click here to download the Filter Sock offer flyer. Click SPECIFICATIONS for more details on the pr..
Dairy Gowns
High quality dairy gown, comes with latex cuffs to protect against water run back. Can be cut to fi..
Dairy Cream
Smooth dairy cream, with excellent soothing properties to maintain good condition of teats and udder..
Dairy Aprons
Durable dairy apron that comes in a variety of sizes. Ideal apron to be used during the summer month..
Cow Cam Lite
Lighter version of Cow Cam. It is a quality assured solution providing local surveillance of your li..
Cow Cam
Covexin 8
Vaccine to protect sheep and cattle against 7-way blackleg (Pulpy kidney, Brazy, Struck, Blacks Dise..