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Flockblaster - unique complementary feedstuff containing minerals and vitamins to boost health, perf..
Low volume dual purpose drench for sheep and cattle. For the treatment of roundworms, lungworms, tap..
Fluke drench for the treatment of early immature, immature and adult stages of liver fluke in cattle..
Safe and efficient farm monitoring • The farmCam allows you to overview up to 4 areas.  Comple..
Pour-on insecticide for the control of lice and flies in cattle. Contains 2.5% Cypermethri..
Ezeegest Plus
Whole milk acidifier for calves, which promotes high intakes of whole milk. Encourages rapid cl..
Elite Dry Cow 90
Unique bolus specifically formulated for the dry period in bovines. It delivers a balanced and conce..
Pyrethroid sheep dip for the treatment and prevention of Blowfly Strike, Ticks, Lice and Keds on she..
Non-iodophor teat dip/spray with excellent anti-bacterial and skin conditioning properties.&nbs..
Drum Pumps
Drum pumps designed to pump liquid safely from 20L, 25L and 200L containers. It is made from Polypro..