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Hygiene Gloves
Hand hygiene is critical during the milking routine to minimise the transfer of mastitis o..
Click here to view Herdblaster brouchure...
Heptavac P
For the active immunisation of sheep as an aid in the control of lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, struc..
Heavy Duty Electronic Weighing Scales
Heavy Duty Electronic Weighing Scales A growing number of sheep farmers see the benefits of regular..
Multi-mineral, vitamin and trace element supplement for the maintenance of good health in cattle, sh..
Powerful traditional sheep dip for the treatment and prevention of Blowfly Strike, Keds and Lice on ..
Genoxone ZX
Brushwood killer which is ideal for spot-treatment of nettles and woody weeds (briars, brushes, bram..
Long acting, low dose rate, rain resistant pour-on for the control and treatment of internal (early ..
Foot Master
A highly researched and developed formulation for the effective topical treatment of foot problems i..
Injectable antiparasitic for cattle and sheep. Treats adult and immature liver flukes..