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Legumex DB
Selective herbicide for the control of annual broad leafed weeds in cereal crops undersown with clov..
Concentrated (4:1) iodophor based teat dip/spray, with Lanolin for teat conditioning. For teat dippi..
Lamb Colostrum
Lamb colostrum which provides newborn lambs with the best start to life. To help lambs where colostr..
Milking plant hot/cold wash, detergent steriliser. Suitable in hard and soft water areas. Use in con..
Kling-On Blue Paste (400g)
Hoof treatment paste for topical use. It has excellent penetration properties which gives visible re..
Glyphosate for full sward destruction. Contains one third more glyphosate than t..
Broad spectrum white drench for the treatment of roundworms (including ostertagia type II), lungworm..
Iodine Solution
Spirit based, superior quality iodine. The preferred choice for drying wounds and navels. It is very..
Range of Injectors 2ml Injectos 10ml Injector Flukiver injector  ..
ImmunoCalf is a complementary feed for pre-ruminant calves. It contains a unique blend of Alpha-mono..