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Osmonds Calf Dehorning Crate
Versatile calf dehorning crate holds the animal in an immobile position to be safely dehorned. Uniqu..
Osmodex Plus
Osmodex Plus - department approved general disinfectant Powerful detergent/disinfectant which is ef..
Orafluke 5% is an oral drench to treat liver fluke, lungworm and stomach worms in cattle and sheep. ..
Milking Gloves
New ultratuff powder free nitrile milking gloves which have been specifically designed for dairy far..
Milk Stone Remover
Concentrated Acid Descaler for use in milking plants and bulk tanks.A highly concentrated milk stone..
Mectaject Plus
Injectable parasiticide for the treatment and control of gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms, ad..
MCPA 500
Selective herbicide used on established grassland (no less than 1 year old) to control thistle, rush..
quine wormer – ivermectin based, apple flavoured gel for administration to horses, donkeys and ponie..
Concentrated iodophor teat dip or spray. Diluted at 2:1. Can be used as a dip where the teat is full..
Leptavoid H
Subcutaneous injection, for the vaccination of dairy/suckler cows and heifers against Leptospirosis...