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A non-foaming dairy liquid detergent/steriliser for pipeline circulation and bulk tank cleaning in h..
Super Grazing 250
Unique, long acting, highly concentrated bolus that provides a balanced and concentrated supply of e..
Non-perfumed hand soap to keep hands hygienically clean. Can be used through dispensers or with the ..
Highly palatable, all purpose rodenticide. Kills rats, mice and super rodents. One fe..
Ridacox - an oral suspension for prevention of clinical signs of Coccidiosis and reduction of oocyst..
It is a wetting agent to improve penetration of difficult to wet target weeds such as waxy or hairy ..
Pour-on Guns
Pour-on Gun (30ml)Ovisect/Clik Applicator (30ml)..
Parlorsan Plus
Circulation cleaning of milking machines and bulk tanks with hot and cold water. Contains caustic so..
Parlorsan NC
Chlorine free liquid detergent for hot and cold cleaning of milk plant and bulk tanks. Non-foaming. ..
Liquid detergent steriliser for hot/ cold cleaning of milking plant and bulk tanks.Circulation clean..