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It is a ready to use, combination drench for sheep offering excellent control and treatmen..
Cluster Max
Cluster disinfectant, ideal for automated back flush systems, manual systems and hand sprayers. Used..
Apply as a spray along the spine and head tail to prevent blowfly strike in sheep. Contains Dicyclan..
Cattle Immobilizer
It uniquely scoops the animals head into a safe and easy position to restrain, dose or insert minera..
Calf Colostrum
Calf colostrum which provides newborn calves with the best start to life. It gives a ..
C Dip
Ready to use, Chlorohexedine based teat dip or spray. Idea for sensitive teats. For teat d..
Branding Fluid
Pack Size: 5L Colours: Red, Blue and Green “The ideal sheep brand&r..
Bolus Applicators
150g Bolus Applicator Electromin Sheep Bolus Applicator Double Bolus Gun Applicator Calf Bolus ..
Blackleg Vaccine
To stimulate active immunity against Blackleg (Cl. Chauvoel) in cattle and sheep. Immunity is expect..
Biolac Pre-Post
Biolac Pre-Post is a ready to use product for pre and post milking hygiene. It is based on lac..