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General purpose udder ointment, with excellent skin conditioning properties. For use on sore teats and cuts. Massage gently into the teats and udder for best results. Contains Potassium Hydroxyquinoline Sulphate 0.25% w/w.

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Size: 4kg

Vaccadyne Safety Data Sheet

Product Specifications
SIZE 4kg
TARGET To maintain teats in healthy condition
DESCRIPTION ContainsPotassium Hydroxyquinoline Sulphate 0.25% w/w. General purpose udder ointment with excellent skin conditioning properties. it helps to maintain excellent skin condition of teats and udders. For use on sore teats
STORAGE Store in a cool dry place away Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING When necessary. To maintain supple teats: After milking apply a little ointment to the teats. To maintain udder in good condition: Apply the ointment to the entire udder and massage very gently into the skin. Occasional use on teats of dry cows will help to maintain suppleness.
GENERAL NOTES General purpose udder ointment It helps to maintain excellent condition of teats and udder for use on sore teats and cuts

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