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Concentrated iodophor teat dip or spray. Diluted at 2:1. Can be used as a dip where the teat is full..
Concentrated (4:1) iodophor based teat dip/spray, with Lanolin for teat conditioning. For teat dippi..
C Dip
Ready to use, Chlorohexedine based teat dip or spray. Idea for sensitive teats. For teat d..
Non-iodophor teat dip/spray with excellent anti-bacterial and skin conditioning properties.&nbs..
Cluster Max
Cluster disinfectant, ideal for automated back flush systems, manual systems and hand sprayers. Used..
Peracetic acid for scale prevention. Removes chlorine carry over risk in final rinse. Very effective..
Milk Stone Remover
Concentrated Acid Descaler for use in milking plants and bulk tanks.A highly concentrated milk stone..
Parlorsan NC
Chlorine free liquid detergent for hot and cold cleaning of milk plant and bulk tanks. Non-foaming. ..
Supersan Extra
A non-foaming dairy liquid detergent/steriliser for pipeline circulation and bulk tank cleaning in h..
Liquid detergent steriliser for hot/ cold cleaning of milking plant and bulk tanks.Circulation clean..