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Powerful traditional sheep dip for the treatment and prevention of Blowfly Strike, Keds and Lice on ..
Iodine Solution
Spirit based, superior quality iodine. The preferred choice for drying wounds and navels. It is very..
Hygiene Gloves
Hand hygiene is critical during the milking routine to minimise the transfer of mastitis o..
Paper Towels
Mytex paper towels for hygienic use (for drying and cleaning udders). Ideal to dry cows teats after ..
Non-perfumed hand soap to keep hands hygienically clean. Can be used through dispensers or with the ..
Dairy Socks
Click here to download the Filter Sock offer flyer. Click SPECIFICATIONS for more details on the pr..
General purpose udder ointment, with excellent skin conditioning properties. For use on sore teats a..
Dairy Cream
Smooth dairy cream, with excellent soothing properties to maintain good condition of teats and udder..
Osmonds XtremeKlene
Liquid detergent to aid and improve the external cleaning of milking parlour equipment; all livestoc..
Biolac Pre-Post
Biolac Pre-Post is a ready to use product for pre and post milking hygiene. It is based on lac..