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Kling-On Blue Paste (400g)
Hoof treatment paste for topical use. It has excellent penetration properties which gives visible re..
Multi-mineral, vitamin and trace element supplement for the maintenance of good health in cattle, sh..
Super Grazing 250
Unique, long acting, highly concentrated bolus that provides a balanced and concentrated supply of e..
Tracel Calfmin Bolus
Long acting calf bolus that provides essential trace elements for optimum bone and muscle growth and..
Elite Dry Cow 90
Unique bolus specifically formulated for the dry period in bovines. It delivers a balanced and conce..
Osmonds Electromin Copper Plus Bolus
High Copper bolus with added zinc, selenium and iron. It is an ideal bolus on its own or in combinat..
Teat Seal NA
non-antibiotic dry cow sealer Non-antibiotic dry cow treatment (for use in cows with SCC of less th..
Branding Fluid
Pack Size: 5L Colours: Red, Blue and Green “The ideal sheep brand&r..
Apply as a spray along the spine and head tail to prevent blowfly strike in sheep. Contains Dicyclan..
Pour-on solution for the prevention and treatment of ectoparasites (Blowfly Strike, Ticks, Headflies..