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Glyphosate for full sward destruction. Contains one third more glyphosate than t..
MCPA 500
Selective herbicide used on established grassland (no less than 1 year old) to control thistle, rush..
Dioweed 50
Grassland herbicide for broad-leafed weed control in established grassland. Controls ragwort (a..
Osmonds Dock-Kleen
Powerful broad spectrum herbicide for established grassland. Gives excellent control of broad-l..
Osmonds Pasturekleen
All purpose herbicide for controlling broad leafed weeds in established grasslandGeneral broad-leafe..
Drum Pumps
Drum pumps designed to pump liquid safely from 20L, 25L and 200L containers. It is made from Polypro..
Dosing Guns
Range of Dosing Guns Sheep Drench Gun (20ml) Hook Dosing Gun (30ml, 60ml, 70ml) Allows you to d..
Pour-on Guns
Pour-on Gun (30ml)Ovisect/Clik Applicator (30ml)..
Range of Injectors 2ml Injectos 10ml Injector Flukiver injector  ..
Dairy Aprons
Durable dairy apron that comes in a variety of sizes. Ideal apron to be used during the summer month..