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Osmonds Calf Dehorning Crate
Versatile calf dehorning crate holds the animal in an immobile position to be safely dehorned. Uniqu..
Cattle Immobilizer
It uniquely scoops the animals head into a safe and easy position to restrain, dose or insert minera..
Anti-Backing Bar
 Is there anything worse than trying to handle one or a number of livestock at the top of a cru..
Heavy Duty Electronic Weighing Scales
Heavy Duty Electronic Weighing Scales A growing number of sheep farmers see the benefits of regular..
Osmond’s Cattle Weighing scales
The ultimate in-line weighing system for cattle crushes. Accurate, regular weighing of stock improve..
Osmonds Hoof Raiser
Lameness is an issue on many dairy and beef farms causing serious performance and reproductive losse..
Highly palatable, all purpose rodenticide. Kills rats, mice and super rodents. One fe..
Legumex DB
Selective herbicide for the control of annual broad leafed weeds in cereal crops undersown with clov..
It is a wetting agent to improve penetration of difficult to wet target weeds such as waxy or hairy ..
Genoxone ZX
Brushwood killer which is ideal for spot-treatment of nettles and woody weeds (briars, brushes, bram..