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Broad spectrum white drench for the treatment of roundworms (including ostertagia type II), lungworm..
Pyrethroid sheep dip for the treatment and prevention of Blowfly Strike, Ticks, Lice and Keds on she..
Blackleg Vaccine
To stimulate active immunity against Blackleg (Cl. Chauvoel) in cattle and sheep. Immunity is expect..
Heptavac P
For the active immunisation of sheep as an aid in the control of lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, struc..
Covexin 8
Vaccine to protect sheep and cattle against 7-way blackleg (Pulpy kidney, Brazy, Struck, Blacks Dise..
Leptavoid H
Subcutaneous injection, for the vaccination of dairy/suckler cows and heifers against Leptospirosis...
Trivaction 6
This vaccine is administered prior to calving in dairy/suckler cows and heifers to stimulate antibod..
Tribovax T
Suspension for injection, for active immunisation of cattle from 2 weeks old against diseases associ..
Cow Cam Lite
Lighter version of Cow Cam. It is a quality assured solution providing local surveillance of your li..
Cow Cam