Product Code: SP42

Concentrated iodophor teat dip or spray. Diluted at 2:1. Can be used as a dip where the teat is fully immersed in a cup or as a spray where the entire surface of the teat is sprayed. Wash and dry udder and teats before each milking. Can be used to clean dirty teats prior to milking with a paper towel soaked in the product diluted with water. Also suitable for cluster dipping where the cluster is dipped 3 times into a bucket containing the solution. Contains iodine 1.55% w/v.

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Pack Size: 25L (makes 75L of teat dip)

Mastex Safety Data Sheet

Product Specifications
SIZE 25 Litres (makes 75 litres of teat dip)
STORAGE Store upright, tightly closed in its original container. Store below 25oC. Protest from frost & light. Store away from food, drink and animal feed. Keep out of reach of children
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING It is diluted (2:1) and then applied directly to the teats of dairy cows by spraying or dipping. Post milking teat dipping: prepare a stock solution of one part product to 2 parts clean water. Fill the teat dip cup two thirds full and dip each teat into the cup. Teat dip cups should be emptied after use and washed before re-use. Wash and dry teats and udder before each milking. Spraying: Prepare a fresh solution daily. After the cows are milked, spray the entire surface of each teat. Wash and dry teats and udder before each milking. Udder washing: Clean dirty teats prior to milking with a paper towel soaked in 25ml of product in 8 litres of clean water. When mastitis is in the herd, use 25ml of product in 4 litres of clean water. Prepare a fresh solution daily. Use one disposable paper towel for each cow. Cluster dipping: While transferring clusters from one cow to the next, plunge the cluster 3 times into a solution prepared by adding 25ml of teat dip to 8 litres of water. No milk withholding period is required.

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