Teat Dips & Disinfectants

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Bacticube rapidly neutralises floor surfaces and inhibits the growth of pathogens like Streptococci,..
Biolac Pre-Post
Biolac Pre-Post is a ready to use product for pre and post milking hygiene. It is based on lac..
C Dip
Ready to use, Chlorohexedine based teat dip or spray. Idea for sensitive teats. For teat d..
Non-iodophor teat dip/spray with excellent anti-bacterial and skin conditioning properties.&nbs..
Iodine Solution
Spirit based, superior quality iodine. The preferred choice for drying wounds and navels. It is very..
Concentrated (4:1) iodophor based teat dip/spray, with Lanolin for teat conditioning. For teat dippi..
Concentrated iodophor teat dip or spray. Diluted at 2:1. Can be used as a dip where the teat is full..
Osmodex Plus
Osmodex Plus - department approved general disinfectant Powerful detergent/disinfectant which is ef..
Osmonds DualDip
Osmonds DualDip is a ready to use product for pre and post milking hygiene. It can be used pre or po..
Osmonds XtremeKlene
Liquid detergent to aid and improve the external cleaning of milking parlour equipment; all livestoc..