Product Code: SP58

Apply as a spray along the spine and head tail to prevent blowfly strike in sheep. Contains Dicyclanil 5%w/v.

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Pack Size: 5L (treats 300 x 21-30kg sheep)

Product Specifications
SIZE 5 Litres
STORAGE Protect from frost and sunlight. Store in tightly closed original container. Store away from food, drink and animal feeds. Keep out of reach of children.
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING Apply using a dosing gun with a fan nozzle which guarantees a spread across the fleece. Hold the gun 18” from the sheep and apply in a fan spray along the spine (4” width) and then in an arc around the crutch and tail area. Always read the label first. Body wt Dose vol. (ml) No. Of doses per 5L pack 20 20 250 21-30 25 200 31-50 30 166 >50 35 142
WITHHOLDING PERIOD 40 days for meat. Do not treat sheep producing milk for human consumption.
TARGET PESTS For the prevention of blowfly strike on sheep
GENERAL NOTES Apply once, before or at the beginning of fly activity.

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