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Fluke drench effective against adult liver fluke in cattle and sheep and suitable for young, pregnant and lactating animals. Also controls rumen (stomach) fluke. Dose rate: cattle is 3ml/10kg body weight (max 105ml); sheep is 4.5ml/10kg body weight (max 20ml). Contains 3.4% w/vOxyclozanide.

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Pack Size: 5L(5L treats 55 x 300kg cattle or 370 x 30kg sheep)

Product Specifications
DESCRIPTION Oral fluke drench for sheep and cattle. Contains 3.4% w/v Oxyslozanide.
STORAGE Store below 250C. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from light. Do not freeze.
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING Cattle: 3ml/10kg bodyweight (up to a maximum of 105ml). Sheep: 4.5ml/10kg bodyweight (up to a maximum of 20ml). Assess body weight accurately.
WITHHOLDING PERIOD Meat withholding period: 28days Milk withholding period: 3 days. Not to be used in sheep producing milk for human consumption.
TARGET PESTS Treatment of adult liver fluke and rumen fluke in cattle and sheep
GENERAL NOTES Fluke drench for cattle and sheep (adult liver fluke and rumen fluke) At normal does levels oxyclozanide may cause slight softening of the faeces in cattle, occasionally may show increased defecation and transient inappetence. Milking cattle, particularly high yielders can show a reduction in yield of 5% or more for 48 hours post handling. Due regard should be given to the physical condition of stock undergoing treatment, particularly those in advanced pregnancy or under stress from adverse weather conditions, poor nutrition or handling etc.

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