Product Code: SP128

Injectable antiparasitic for cattle and sheep. Treats adult and immature liver flukes. ContainsClosantel.

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Pack Size: 250ml

Product Specifications
SIZE 250ml
DESCRIPTION Contains Closantel Injectable treatment for adult and immature liver fluke in cattle and sheep.
STORAGE Do not store above25oC. Protect from light. Store in cool dry place. Keep out or reach of children.
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING Cattle: to control adult fluke use at 1ml/20kg bodtweight. To control adult and immature fluke use at 1ml/10kg body WEIGHT. Sheep: to control adult and immature liver fluke use at 1ml/10kg body WEIGHT. Always read the label first
WITHHOLDING PERIOD Meat withdrawal is 56 days. Should not be used on animals producing milk for human consumption
TARGET PESTS Adult and immature liver fluke.
GENERAL NOTES Injectable anti-parasitic for cattle and sheep Subcutaneous injection (with cattle under the loose skin of the neck; with sheep behind the shoulder). Use at higher rates to control immature fluke.

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