Super Grazing 250
Super Grazing 250

Super Grazing 250

Product Code: SP67

Unique, long acting, highly concentrated bolus that provides a balanced and concentrated supply of essential trace elements for the entire grazing period. It provides a sustained release of industry leading levels of cobalt, iodine, copper, selenium and zinc.

Duration: 250 days. Dose Level: 1 bolus.

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Pack Size: 12’s


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Product Specifications
SIZE 12 x 150g boli per pack
TARGET To provide trace element supplementation and improve overall bovine performance for the entire grazing season.
DESCRIPTION Once the bolus is in the stomach it increases in size by 15%, as it absorbs moisture from the stomach and releases the trace elements. It provides a controlled release of trace elements over the entire 250 days (8.5 months) of the bolus.
STORAGE Store out of reach of children at less than 25°C, away from light and moisture.
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING Give one bolus to animals over 400kg.
GENERAL NOTES This is an industry leading bolus. It supplies a daily slow release of trace elements over a 250 day period. It compensates for the trace element deficiencies and promotes growth, lactation, reproduction, pregnancy and overall performance and health of the animal.

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