Kling-On Blue Paste (400g)

Kling-On Blue Paste (400g)

Product Code: SP74

Hoof treatment paste for topical use. It has excellent penetration properties which gives visible results after a single application, helps to harden the hoof and reduces the need for bandaging.

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Pack Size: 400ml

Kling-on Blue Hoof Paste Safety Data Sheet

Product Specifications
SIZE 400ml pot
TARGET For hoof problems in clinically lame cases.
DESCRIPTION It is a light blue cream, containing copper sulphate and zinc sulphate For topical use, on affected hoof areas in cattle and sheep.
STORAGE 5°C – 25°C
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING When you identify a lame animal, apply liberally using the applicator sticks provided (this limits contamination from one animal to another and reduces waste). Always read the label first.
GENERAL NOTES Paste for topical use on clinically lame cows. • Visible results after one application. • Excellent penetration. • Zinc for healthy hoof horn. • Uniquely waterproof. • No need for bandaging. • No withdrawal period.

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