Legumex DB
Legumex DB

Legumex DB

Product Code: SP104

Selective herbicide for the control of annual broad leafed weeds in cereal crops undersown with clover and other legumes and in direct reseeded leys (does not control chickweed). Contains 2,4 DB & MCPA.

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Pack Size: 10L (treats 3.5 acre)

Legumex DB Safety Data Sheet

Product Specifications
SIZE 10 litres
TARGET WEEDS Seedling docks, creeping thistle, creeping buttercup, perennial sow thistle, plantains, charlock, fathen, shepherds purse
TIMINGS 3-6 weeks post sowing, when the main flush of weeds are up (eg creeping thistle and perennial sow thistle before it is 10-15cm high etc) Do not spray under frosty conditions or where rain is expected within 6 hours of spraying. Do not roll the crop within 7 days of spraying. Do not spray crops undersown with clover or other legumes.
DESCRIPTION Contains 2,4 DB & MCPA Selective herbicide for newly sown leys and undersown cereals.
STORAGE Store in original container, tightly closed in a safe place, out of reach of children. Wear suitable protective clothing and eye protection when handling the concentrate. Dispose of container safely
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING 7L/HA (10L/3.5 acres). Always read the label first. 200-300L of water per hectare (80-120L/acre) Use the higher water volume rate where crop growth rate is advanced or foliage is dense.
GENERAL NOTES This hormone spray should be applied in mild/growth conditions for best results. Apply when the main flush of weeds are up.

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