Product Code: SP101

Glyphosate for full sward destruction. Contains one third more glyphosate than traditional brands for improved foliage kill. Contains glyphosate.

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Pack Size:15L (treats 9-12 acres)

Kernel Safety Data Sheet

Product Specifications
TARGET WEEDS It is a systemic weed killer. Kills all vegetation
TIMINGS Needs good growing conditions (avoid spraying in cold weather or in any conditions that reduce growth).
STORAGE Store in a cool dry place. Out of reach of children.
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING 3-4 L/Ha (1.2-1.6L/ac). 15L treats 9-12 acres. Always read the label before spraying.
GENERAL NOTES Glyphosate for full sward destruction (eg prior to reseeding). Contains one third more glyphosate than many other brands to give an improved foliage kill.

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