MCPA 500
MCPA 500 MCPA 500

MCPA 500

Product Code: SP100

Selective herbicide used on established grassland (no less than 1 year old) to control thistle, rush and buttercup. . Use in spring and summer when growing conditions are favourable. Spray 3-4 weeks before cutting hay or silage. Clover is checked but tends to recover by the following spring. If spraying twice in one season then leave and interval of 4-6 weeks between applications.

Add in Rhino to improve rushes control. Contains MCPA.

Application rate: 3.3L/Ha (1.3L/acre)

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Pack Size:10L (treats 7.5acres)

MCPA Pol Safety Data Sheet

Product Specifications
TARGET WEEDS Thistles, soft rush, dandelions.
TIMINGS Apply when weeds are actively growing
USAGE RATES 3.3L/Ha A10L treats 7.5 acres Always read the label before spraying
DESCRIPTION Contains MCPA. Broad leafed weed control. Controls thistles, rushes and dandelions.
STORAGE Store in a cool dry place Out of reach of children
GENERAL NOTES Ideal spray to control a variety of weeds. Ley needs to be 1 year old prior to spraying.

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