Product Code: SP37

Peracetic acid for scale prevention. Removes chlorine carry over risk in final rinse. Very effective for cluster dipping to aid the reduction of SCC’s. Reduce TBC's.

  •          Most effective peracetic acid product for scale prevention.
  •          Lowest usage rates for scale prevention.
  •          Reduce Thermoduric bacteria.
  •          Removes chlorine carry over risk in final rinse.
  •          Very effective for cluster dipping to aid in the reduction of SCC’s.
  •          Reduce TBC’s.
  •          Removes iron and manganese deposits.

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Pack Size: 20L

Thermodex Safety Data Sheet

Product Specifications
PRECAUTIONS Wear suitable gloves, eye and face protection.
SIZE 10 Litres & 20 Litres
DESCRIPTION Peracetic acid based. The new science in milking machine cleaning, sanitising and scale prevention. New extra strong formula. 1. Sanitiser 2. Scale Inhibitor 3. Cluster dip
STORAGE Keep out of reach of children. Store in original container out of direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place.

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