Milk Stone Remover
Milk Stone Remover

Milk Stone Remover

Product Code: SP36

Concentrated Acid Descaler for use in milking plants and bulk tanks.

A highly concentrated milk stone remover for use in milking equipment. Contains Nitric and Phosphoric acid. Will not damage rubber-ware when used at correct concentration.

·         Highly effective descaler
·         Will not damage rubber ware when used at the correct concentrations

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Pack Size: 25L & 200L

MSR Safety Data Sheet


 parlorsan msr


Product Specifications
SIZE 25 Litres & 200 Litres
DESCRIPTION cid Descaler containing Nitric and Phosphoric acid. 50-52% total solids. New extra strong formula.
STORAGE Keep out of reach of children. Store in original container out of direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed. Keep away from animals and feeds.

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