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ImmunoCalf is a complementary feed for pre-ruminant calves. It contains a unique blend of Alpha-monoglycerides and essential oils. It has remarkable anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. Promotes growth, health and performance. It is bio-available in the stomach, hindgut, blood stream and lungs.

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Pack Size: 20kg

Immuno Calf Safety Data Sheet


10622 Osmonds Immono Calf



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Product Specifications
SIZE 20kg
TARGET Complementary feed for pre-ruminant calves. It is an aid to the reduction of viral pneumonia and bacterial scours. Improves calf health, feed conversion efficiency and average daily live weight gain, typically by 2-4kg.
DESCRIPTION The active components of Immuno-Calf are “specialised fats” called monoglycerides, known for their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. They have been identified in high concentrations in human milk and low concentration in cow’s milk. They provide protective effects in the milk. They help better handle bacterial or viral challenges to improve overall health and performance.
STORAGE Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place between 10°C to 28°C.
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING • 3-5ml ImmunoCalf per litre of colostrum for first 3-5 days. From day 5 to weaning use 15-30ml/calf/day. • Reduce dose to 1ml/L of milk for two days if calves are not inclined to drink the milk with the Immuno-Calf in it (1ml/L colostrum, unless farmer is tubing). • Increase dose to 30ml/calf/day if there are respiratory problems on the farm.
GENERAL NOTES The Immuno-Calf components are absorbed via the lymph system into the bloodstream and a proportion accumulates on the lungs. This provides anti-viral protection where it is most needed. It is important to introduce ImmunoCalf before the onset of a health problem so as to get maximum benefit.

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