Ezeegest Plus
Ezeegest Plus

Ezeegest Plus

Product Code: SP84

Whole milk acidifier for calves, which promotes high intakes of whole milk. Encourages rapid clotting of milk, stabilizes stomach activity and improves performance. It is soluble and highly palatable.

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Pack Size: 6kg bucket (treats 1820L of whole milk)

Ezeegest Plus Safety Data Sheet

Product Specifications
PRECAUTIONS With ad-lib feeding the milk should be stirred occasionally. It is best not to add fresh milk to stale milk.
SIZE 6kg bucket
TARGET Improve the digestion of whole milk.
DESCRIPTION Milk acidifier. Whole milk acidifier for calves.
STORAGE Store in a cool dry place. Out of reach of children
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING Use one measured scoup (15g) per 4.5 litres (1 gallon) whole milk. Dissolve the Ezeegest Plus in 0.56 litres (1 pint) of warm water first and then add to the whole milk. Treats 1820 litres (400 gallons) of whole milk. Clean pipelines and utensils regularly. If increasing calf’s milk intake then do so gradually.
GENERAL NOTES Whole milk acidifier for calves. · Promotes high intakes of whole milk. · Encourages rapid clotting of milk. · Stabilizes stomach activity. · Slows down multiplication of e-coli bacteria. · Reduces the pH of milk from 6.5 to 5.9. · Soluble and highly palatable. · Improves performance.

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