Osmonds Tri-lyte
Osmonds Tri-lyte Osmonds Tri-lyte

Osmonds Tri-lyte

Product Code: SP81

Injectable Dietary feedstuff for the early stages of scour. Only use when the calf is being suckle fed or fed milk or milk replacer. Usage rates: 60ml syringe orally, twice daily. Contains: Crude Protein (1.9%); Crude Fat (0.2%); Crude Ash (21.5%); Crude Fibre (0.1%); Sodium (5%); Glucose (35%); Phosphorus (0.4%); Potassium (2.2%); Plus Vitamins and Trace Elements.

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Pack Size: 15 syringes (60ml)

Product Specifications
SIZE 15 syringes (60ml)
TARGET Do not feed Tri-lyte if the calf is depressed, recumbent and not drinking. Ensure calf has access to fresh drinking water at all times. Ensure calf consumes milk or milk replacer.
USAGE RATES 1ml/50kg Calves: 60ml administered orally at the early stages of scour. Use twice daily until scour is treated.
DESCRIPTION Paste for scouring calves.
STORAGE Store in a cool dry place, away from damp. Do not freeze. Store between 5-28°C in original container. Keep out of reach of children.
GENERAL NOTES Administer at the back of the tongue.

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