Calf & Lamb Health

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Calf Colostrum
Calf colostrum which provides newborn calves with the best start to life. It gives a ..
Ezeegest Plus
Whole milk acidifier for calves, which promotes high intakes of whole milk. Encourages rapid cl..
ImmunoCalf is a complementary feed for pre-ruminant calves. It contains a unique blend of Alpha-mono..
Iodine Solution
Spirit based, superior quality iodine. The preferred choice for drying wounds and navels. It is very..
Lamb Colostrum
Lamb colostrum which provides newborn lambs with the best start to life. To help lambs where colostr..
Osmonds Calf Scour Test
It is estimated that up to 70,000 calves die annually up to 6 weeks old and a large proportion is du..
Osmonds Colostrum Plus
The most complete nutritional supplement to protect newborn calves and lambs at birth. Administer as..
Osmonds Dekrypt Calf
Injectable Supplement to scour treatment that helps reduce cryptosporidium. Administer orally to sta..
Osmonds Tri-lyte
Injectable Dietary feedstuff for the early stages of scour. Only use when the calf is being suc..
Ridacox - an oral suspension for prevention of clinical signs of Coccidiosis and reduction of oocyst..