Osmonds Hoof Raiser
Osmonds Hoof Raiser Osmonds Hoof Raiser Osmonds Hoof Raiser

Osmonds Hoof Raiser

Product Code: SP106

Lameness is an issue on many dairy and beef farms causing serious performance and reproductive losses. Early diagnosis and treatment of affected animals is essential to minimise financial losses and ensure optimum weight gains and milk production.

With the Osmonds Hoof Raiser, it is possible to safely and carefully examine the affected hoof to identify any unnecessary problems.

 • Mobile Hoof Raiser that fits all crush types, shapes & sizes

• Unique wheel to rapidle raise up cows hoof. 

• Safely raises both left and right hooves to pear and treat accordingly.

• Robust double clamp system for securing onto top andmiddle rails of the crush.

• Quick release for letting down the hoof rapidly, when required.

• Quick attach which allows it to be easily released and used elsewhere.

• Ideal for large scale units and one man operations.

• Fully galvanised, heavy duty.

• Nationwide delivery. 




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