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Click here to view Herdblaster brouchure...
DELTAMETRIN 10mg POUR ON SOLUTION FOR CATTLE AND SHEEP. Pour on solution to be applied between the ..
Bolus Applicators
150g Bolus Applicator Electromin Sheep Bolus Applicator Double Bolus Gun Applicator Calf Bolus ..
Osmodex Plus
Osmodex Plus - department approved general disinfectant Powerful detergent/disinfectant which is ef..
Flockblaster - unique complementary feedstuff containing minerals and vitamins to boost health, perf..
Milking Gloves
New ultratuff powder free nitrile milking gloves which have been specifically designed for dairy far..
2 Ply Paper Towels
Poor hygiene in the milking parlour can increase the spread of pathogens, including mastitis within ..
Osmonds Electromin Sheep Bolus
This is the most modern, convenient and long term way to administer trace elements to your sheep. As..
Osmonds Electromin High Fertility
High Iodine bolus with added selenium, manganese, cobalt, iron and Vit B12. It is an ideal bolus on ..
Osmonds Footbath Mat
Regular routine foot bathing is central element of an overall lameness control plan, along with hoof..