Managing coccidiosis

  Administer 3-5 litres of colostrum within the first 24 hours of life. 

calfpic11   Poor nutrition and disease limits the animal’s ability to resist coccidiosis.

  Only transfer calves from the calving pen to calf shed after cleaning/disinfecting the calf shed. 

  Severe weather, a change in feed, transportation, overcrowding and unhygienic conditions put additional stress on the animals and can trigger coccidiosis or aggravate it.

•   Establish a pest control programme.

  Correct cleaning procedures using high-pressure hot water.

  Keeping environment dry during first week of life to reduce the number of oocysts present.

  Once calves scour, anti-coccidia therapy has limited effect on preventing the consequences of the disease. Setbacks suffered are impossible to compensate for later in life.

  Use Osmonds Ridacox to prevent clinical signs of Coccidiosis. Use 14 days after exposure to coccidian for optimum results.