Pre-milking Teat Dipping can improve annual milk yield by 500 litres

Pre-milking Teat Dipping benefits

The dairy industry is changing, with ever growing pressures on farmers to produce higher quality milk. As a result product’s need to help milk producers meet these challenging quality standards.

Source of bacterial challenge

Environmental pathogens are becoming more prevalent on farms. Contagious pathogens are also a major threat. Therefore the industry needs to provide teat dips that kill the relevant bacteria without causing discomfort to the cow or to the person milking


Lactic acid effects

Lactic acid provides excellent skin condition properties as it is an exfoliant removing old and dry skin on a regular basis. The germicidal activity of lactic acid is moderate and thus is often combined with other germicides like salicylic acids to improve the bactericidal effects.

Biolac Pre-Post

Over the last ten years pre-milking teat disinfection has increased in popularity due to the positive impact it has had on milk yield, milk let down, TBC results, lowering new infection rates and reducing SCC’s. 

Farmers using Biolac Pre-Post (lactic and salicylic acid based) teat dip pre-milking can expect to see yields increase by approx 500kg per cow over a lactation, which can equate to €140/cow/year.

It penetrates any soiling on the teats and allows it to be wiped off easily, leaving behind well prepared teats, free from environmental bacteria such as Strep uberis and coliforms. Palpitating the teats also stimulates milk let down.

Once units come off, Biolac Pre-Post can then be used post-milking. It contains a unique combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid and high levels of glycerine and is formulated to disinfect teats and promote and sustain optimum teat condition.  It has a persistent effect on the teats and can offer protection for up to eight hours. 

We introduced this product for farmers to use both before and after milking, either by pre-foaming, dipping or spraying and can help to rationalise the number of teat dip products needed on the farm