Award Winning Customer

Kathleen and David Cassidy were crowned overall winners of the NDC and Kerrygold Quality milk Awards in October this year.

They farm near Ballyhaise College in Coppenagh, Lisnageer, Cootehill, Co. Cavan, supplying their milk to Glanbia and much of this milk goes into Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Key stats:

  • Herd: 80 cows, milking all-year-round
  • Yield: 8,000 litres per cow
  • Milk solids: 3.96% butter fat & 3.29% protein.
  • SCC: 113,000 for 2011.
  • TBC: 8,000 for 2011

The cows are diet fed with a Keenan, everything is fed fresh daily whether it is grass during the summer or forage/ration over the indoor months and we keep the system simple” remarks David. “Our aim is for maximum cow health and comfort and to produce top quality milk”.

Cow Health

At drying off the Cassidy’s dose their cows with Osmonds Flexiben SC (Fluke and worm drench) and boluses them withOsmonds High Fertility and Osmonds Copper Plus (both have 6 months duration which gets the cows into the breeding period). “We find this a very convenient and trustworthy way to get trace elements into our cows”. They use Osmonds Fortemec pour-on on followers and weanlings over the summer month and prior to housing to control both worms and lice. “I am very happy with stock thrive and there is no coughing”.

Calf Health

We like to feed whole milk to calves and add in Osmonds Ezeegest Plus to slow down the flow of milk in their digestive system and thus the calves get more out of the milk. In fact we get less scours as a result”.