Elite cows see improved performance from Kling-on Blue

Frank Byrne and his son Aran have 130 high performing dairy cows in Ardcalf, Slane, County Meath.

It is a mix of spring and autumn calving 8,000 litre cows, classified in the Elite Section of the North East herds competition. They supply their milk to Lakeland Dairies.

Ten years ago Frank first noticed Mortellaro in his herd. Milking cows showed tenderness and rawness in the heel and reduced milk output.

Lame cows tend to move around less frequently, spend more time lying down in cubicles and thus produce less milk”, remarks Frank. “Originally we brought in hoof trimmers and applied various blue sprays, but now we routinely footbath with Osmonds Kling-on Blue”.

It gives us an instant cure to Mortellaro and helps to keep it under control” says Frank. “We mix up 200L in a barrel and put it into an 8ft x 2.5ft PVC foot bath. At the start of the Kling-on Blue programme we footbath every week and then every second week and then monthly”.

We noticed the wet weather in 2012 softened our cow’s hooves. Now we routinely footbath the whole herd, once we see a cow with Mortellaro. It hardens their feet, kills the bugs and their milk yield goes back up after treatment - it is a superior product” concludes Frank.