Pre-milking Teat Dipping can improve annual milk yield by 500 litres

Pre-milking Teat Dipping benefits

The dairy industry is changing, with ever growing pressures on farmers to produce higher quality milk. As a result product’s need to help milk producers meet these challenging quality standards.

Source of bacterial challenge

Environmental pathogens are becoming more prevalent on farms. Contagious pathogens are also a major threat. Therefore the industry needs to provide teat dips that kill the relevant bacteria without causing discomfort to the cow or to the person milking

80 Years a Heritage in Animal Health

Osmonds have been an integral part of Irish Agriculture for the past 80 years. We have witnessed the beginning of rural electrification (ESB), the establishment of agricultural institutions (Teagasc), the introduction of eradication schemes (TB, Brucellosis), joining the EEC, arrival of milk quotas, man landing on the moon and much much more.

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