Frequently Asked Questions

What types of animal health products do Osmonds sell?

Osmonds sell a broad range of animal health products including a complete compendium of anthelmintics, dairy detergents & teat dips, hoof care, calf and lamb care, grassland sprays, minerals and vitamins (bolus, bags, buckets, liquids and tablets), sheep dips and other sheep products; department approved disinfectants; dairy hygiene; milk replacers; vaccines; grassland sprays; animal handling equipment and weighing equipment. All our products are easy to use and have withstood the test of time. The range is expanding all the time so do visit the site regularly to see any new additions.

How do I buy from Osmonds?
It's so easy, you don't have to leave your farm. We have a team of 28 Sales Representatives calling on farm every day, in every county. Our products are delivered direct to your farm.

Click here to organise a Rep to come visit your farm.

I thought Osmonds only sold sheep dips?

The company was set up in Ireland in 1932 and one of the original products was sheep dips and vaccadyne which are still household names and are very popular on farm. Now there is a complete suite of products for dairy, beef and sheep enterprises. See our new products section for much more information.

What is Osmonds Teat Seal NA?
It is a Non-Antibiotic teat sealer that is infused into the teat of cows in conjunction with an antibiotic at drying off. This seals the teat for the entire dry period and helps reduce any further infections. It is an excellent aid as part of an overall mastitis control program.

Do Osmonds have products for cluster dipping?
Yes. Osmonds Thermodex and Clustermax are very fine grade peracetic acids which are excellent for manual and automatic cluster disinfection. Research now tells us that clusters used on cows with mastitis will spread the infection to the next 8 cows milked on that cluster.

What grassland sprays do Osmonds sell?
Osmonds stock grassland sprays for broad leafed weeds in established grassland. We have some excellent sprays to control docks, thistles, rushes, nettles, ragworth etc. In addition glyphosate for total sward destruction and Genoxone for spraying under electric fences. See Grassland Sprays for further information.

What animal handling equipment for Osmonds have?
Handling animals is stressful on both the animal and the farmer. Osmonds custom make a unique Anti-Backing bar that prevents animals passing back once the animal goes up the crush, not only that but you can push it up behind them to keep them tight in the crush. In addition we custom make a Cattle Immobiliser to suit your crush and this allows you to bolus, dose or vaccinate at your ease. See Animal Handling Section for more information.

I have heard about your new Super Grazing Bolus?
We have a unique 8.5 month bolus that delivers industry leading levels of Copper, Selenium, Iodine, Zinc and Cobalt. One bolus lasts from turnout to housing the following autumn. See Trace Element Bolus section for further information.